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Abstract Submission



Clinical case submission is a detailed report of demographic details, presenting complaints, clinical evaluation, investigations, diagnosis, and management of a patient. Individual cases or case series (upto 10 cases) with interesting or challenging perspectives of diagnosis or management, which have not been submitted or published elsewhere, shall be considered.  

Submission should be structured into the following sections:

·         Title: Title should be relevant to the case presented.

·         Abstract (250 words)

·         Case history

·         Investigations

·         Results and treatment

·         Conclusions

·         Discussion


Images, CT scans and graphics must be of good quality and annotated.


The case description must be submitted as a poster in a Poster in PPT/PDF format (3 feet by 4 feet size e-poster). Please do not include animations.


Videos may be uploaded as a separate file (upto 100 MB). Authors shall be able to show relevant videos if their submission is selected for presentation at the conference.


The corresponding author should certify that the content is free of plagiarism and that he/she agrees for the submission to be evaluated by a plagiarism detection software programme, if needed.


The corresponding author shall also be solely responsible for removing elements that could be used to identify patients, before submission.


Abbreviations should be defined when used in the first instance. Generic names of drugs should be used instead of trade names. References can be included in the body of the text (e.g. Jones, R.A. et al. Science 1986; 67:24-30). 


All submissions must be made in English. Linguistic accuracy is your responsibility. Pay attention to spelling.

Copyright, if the case is accepted, will be held by the author(s) or employer (as part of the conditions of the author(s)’s employment).


Author submitting the abstract must be registered for PULMOCRIT 2024. Only one submission shall be considered for each registration. If your case is accepted, a certificate mentioning the acceptance and presentation of your case shall be provided to you. Top selected abstracts shall receive attractive prizes including reimbursement of the registration fees (to be communicated later).



Submitting author should verify all content prior to final submission. Once submitted, no modifications in content or authorship shall be possible. In case authors wish to withdraw their poster, they should email conference secretariat regarding the same.



Last date for submission is 15/02/2024 till 12 midnight.

For any questions regarding submission, please contact:

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